Photo of Tony Longoria
Tony Longoria
Lead Organizer

I have been a fan of TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) for 15+ years. TED Talks are a powerful educational resource for students, and as a Speech Communication instructor at Palo Alto College, I use them as a teaching resource in my classrooms. I was inspired to bring a TEDx event to the Southside because of the amazing students, faculty & staff, and leadership at Palo Alto College. My hope is that, through the TEDx events, “ideas worth spreading” will create a local community of people around topics of art, science, technology, music, and inspiration. The goal is to transform and elevate the PAC community as well as the South Side of San Antonio.


Media and Communications Team

Photo of Erica Meza
Erica Meza
Communication Lead
Photo of Christian
Christian Salinas
Multimedia Specialist
Photo of Steve
Steve Slate
Communication Team Photographer

Production Team

Photo of Hector Garza
Hector Garza
Event Co-Lead
Photo of Nick
Nick Castanon
Production Manager
Photo of Sergio
Sergio Gutierrez 
Stage Designer

Speaker Coach Team

Photo of Paulo
Paulo Ferreira
Speaker Coach
Photo of Alberto
Andrea Fuentes
Speaker Coach
Photo of James
James Harris
Speaker Coach
Photo of Shawneequa
Shawneequa Harris
Speaker Coach